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Anaface – Beauty Calculator apk

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“Anaface calculates facial beauty scores by performing complex analysis on your face taking into account your facial sym

“Anaface calculates facial beauty scores by performing complex analysis on your face taking into account your facial symmetry and facial geometry.

New gallery and top score modes allow you to see, rate, and share photos other attractive people. Choose “top scores” and “gallery” from the menu to access these features

Anaface has processed hundreds of millions of photos since 2009 and is the world leader in facial beauty analysis. Based on the immense data we have encountered the past several years we have continued perfecting our facial beauty algorithm and universal beauty scoring system. We have worked with modeling agencies, tv studios, plastic surgeons, cosmetic companies, and many other industry professions which use anaface software to identify talent and also improve looks.

How to use Anaface:
1) Take a photo or upload from gallery
2) Adjust points if needed
3) Get your Score
4) Share with Friends

How to Share:
1) Share using the social media buttons within the app
2) Use output photos from the Anaface Gallery on your phone
3) Use hashtag #anaface and #anaface-score on social media
4) Send to friends on Whatsapp, Viber, and WeChat
5) Post to your Instagram Account or Facebook
6) Send to friends on SnapChat

Your score on anaface is determined based on hundreds of scientific calculations. We go way beyond just neoclassical beauty and the golden ratio. We take into account decades of published research in the areas of facial beauty and also our own scientific research as well. Considering we have processed more facial photos than anyone in the world on our website, we are the world experts in the area of facial beauty analysis.

How you can use Anaface to improve your life:
1) Improve your perception on LinkedIn by using Anaface to select your profile picture
2) Select your best photos for Tinder, OK Cupid, Happn, and other dating apps
3) Choose the best cover photos for your acting and modeling gigs
4) Improve your makeup application in conjunction with anaface
5) Rely less on fashion and focus on facial appearance

Note that Anaface takes into account only the geometry of your face and does not consider skin complexion, skin tone, fashion, clothing, glasses, or hair style. In this sense, Anaface is unbiased. Since some people’s perception of beauty may also consider smoothness of skin for example, that is a separate criterion that we do not consider. That said, at the very core and on the subconscious level, facial symmetry and geometry have the largest impact on human perception of a beautiful person and that is our primary focus accordingly.

How to obtain optimal anaface results:
1) Use photos with minimal rotation
2) Use good lighting and plain background
3) Look straight at the camera
4) Use a good internet connection

How makeup can help:
1) Makeup such as blush, eyeliner, lipstick, and concealer can be used to modify the contour lines on your face which in turn can improve your appearance not just to other people but also to anaface
2) Use help from a professional and makeup app to assist in your makeovers and then test the results on Anaface

Anaface can be used in many other fun scenarios as well such as competition among friends and also friendly bar games and competitions. See who’s the fairest of them all with anaface and

Remember that Anaface is an entertainment app and although based on science, anaface above all else is meant to be fun. Do not use anaface to bully other people and also do not become depressed because you score lower on anaface than you would like.

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