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災害時でも学校の状況をリアルタイムに受信!マチコミメール apk

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With the Machikomi app, you can immediately receive and check communications from schools and facilities.In addition, we

With the Machikomi app, you can immediately receive and check communications from schools and facilities.
In addition, we have prepared a number of useful functions such as file sharing, holiday notification, physical condition management, event attendance, calendar, etc.

We also have user-participation-type content such as “My meal” and “Question”, so please make use of it.

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【How to Use】

Registration is required for use. Please follow the steps below.
*If you have already registered for the mobile email version of Machikomi, the information of the registered school will be carried over with a simple procedure.

1. Please download the app.
2. Tap “New registration” and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the application registration procedure.
*Even if you are already registered with Machikomi Mail, you will need to register with the app when using the app for the first time.
3. After completing the application registration, please register the group of the school / facility you want to receive communication as necessary.

frequently asked Questions


[Features of the app]

◆ Extensive mail function

1. delay prevention
We use push notifications in addition to mobile emails for contact notifications.
In the event of an earthquake or other large-scale disaster, you will not be able to contact us. Even in such a case, the Machicomi app will contact you.

*In the event of an emergency such as a disaster, e-mails from mobile carriers may be congested and e-mails may arrive late. Push notifications are less prone to delays.

2. Automatic migration from mail members to app members
If you are already registered with Machikomi, the information of the registered school will be carried over to the app as it is.
* Please register the email address registered in Machikomi in the app.

3. Multiple facility management features
Even if you are registered with multiple schools, facilities, or groups, you can manage them with one app.

4. Instantly check important messages
If you use the favorite registration and search functions, you can narrow down past contacts and quickly find them.

5. Re-notification function
Important communication will be re-notified after deciding the time. You can receive the received communication again at the specified date and time.

6. Offline functionality
Once you have read a message, you can check it even when you are out of service area, such as when radio waves do not reach.

7. Transfer function
You can immediately share important communications to SNS or LINE with the “Forward” function of the email.

◆Regional communication and information gathering

1. Investigate topics that everyone cares about “Question”
From topical news to parenting, family circumstances, and things you can’t usually talk to people about! We will investigate “this and that” that everyone is interested in!
Even those who do not use town comi mail can post easily! This is a public opinion poll where you can listen to the real voices of all the moms and dads.

2. Our meal
This is a corner for sharing rice pride and menus.
Let’s share today’s menu with everyone!

3. timeline
You can see practice scenes of sports festivals and school trip destinations posted by school / facility administrators!

【Use scene】

・Normal contact network
For simultaneous e-mail contact with elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools, local volunteer groups, club teams, etc.

・Emergency contact
For emergency information sharing such as time changes due to disasters, school closures, suspicious persons, etc.

・Contact for school events, etc.
To notify parents of the status of school trips, field trips, field trips, etc.

[What is Machikomi? ]

School contact network Machikomi mail is being introduced at more than 6,400 facilities nationwide, mainly elementary and junior high schools! It is used as an e-mail communication network that is useful for school contact, emergency contact network, disaster prevention information, and crime prevention information.

Download APK(2.5.5)

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